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I am intrigued by the ways in which we receive and perceive information, particularly the lenses through which we view “others.” I am interested in exploring the gray area and the shifting borders between "us" and "other."

In my works, I have employed archival photographs to examine how captions can shape a viewer's experience and suggest specific interpretations. I also investigate how the inclusion and exclusion of certain subjects in the archive can reflect underlying social norms.

Additionally, I work with found photographs and drone footage from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as phone camera footage from uprisings in Iran. By transforming these images into various mediums, I examine the layers of mediation through which we experience events that occur "elsewhere." I explore the distortion of our assumed realities and the fragmentation of our experiences.

My ongoing project, “Straddling the Border” delves into themes of sovereignty, agency, and the arbitrary nature of borders. This multimedia installation is based on phone camera footage taken during a visit to a library that straddles the US-Canadian border in Quebec and Vermont. The library served as a meeting point for Iranian families impacted by the Muslim ban. The footage documents an encounter with a US border patrolman who prevented a family from entering the library.

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